The BP - Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Drilling Disaster.

How to get your BP settlement for your Florida Business.

You may already have money waiting for you (but it won't wait long!*)

The Horror of the original explosion and related gusher was astounding.

What happened in 2010 was a tragedy. Lives were lost, and the environmental and economic effects rippled through the Gulf Coast region. In September 2010 The parties involved finally capped the “deepwater horizon” well and bringing that part of this story to a close. the Federal government of the United States of America determined that due to beach closures and broad environmental impacts the BP Corporation had to make remunerations to offset costs of their activity to businesses that were impacted. BP placed 20 BILLION DOLLARS into an escrow account with the Gulf states to make settlements with affected business but you must register through the state to collect this money. This is the service we provide.


Some of that Money may be waiting for YOU to come and get it and it could be a lot of money!

We'll help you determine if there is money for you and if so, how much.

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While it may be very obvious that a beachfront hotel is going to be impacted by closed beaches and that local fishing fleets suffered directly, but as major industries in this area, those effects flowed through the local economy affecting nearly every business sector in our region.Florida Gulf Coast Beaches Directly Impacted

Currently our lawmakers have issued a $20,000,000,000 (<< that's a lot of zeros) held in escrow for businesses impacted by the BP oil spill. All you need to do is review your financial data and see if the impact of the spill can be demonstrated to match a curve created by the settlement. If you own a business on Florida's gulf coast, there's a good chance your financial statements can match.

Find out if you qualify for a Steelement for the BP Oil Spill. Do you qualify for the BP Steelement? Click here to find out.

We created an easy-to-use spreadsheet that will let you know if you qualify, download it here.

Then comes the Federal and State paperwork. (Oh there's that?) That's where things always get complicated, but not here. This is where Burkart & Co can h elp. We've already navigated the sea of paperwork and can help you review and file your documentation and paperwork quickly and easily. We make this otherwise complex process easy for you and only work from a portion of the settlement, overall it costs you nothing and we could net you a worthy return.

Contact Burkart & Co. today. We are experts in the process of filing settlement claims on many clients behalf and can lead you quickly through the process. You could have your portion of the BP settlement within 30 days. Don't delay, the funding to this is ample yet strictly limited and the offer closes off early 2014.

Million dollar settlements are not that unusual!

$20 Billion is a lot, of course Florida has a lot of businesses so it has to go in many directions but even sole proprietorships and general small businesses have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We can't suggest that we will be handing you settlement of that amount but depending on the size and overall revenues of the business it is possible that our return for you can be in the 6 or even 7 figure amounts. Contact us today, our BP Settlement Specialists will promptly answer your questions and determine your likely applicability.

*IMPORTANT: In order to determine your overall applicability and review our terms of service you must contact us and work directly with one of our “BP Settlement Experts”. Statements made herein do not suggest or claim any specific debt or liabilities of one party to any other. * All claims for settlement must be filed before 04/2014.